“The Book of Birds”

After a long hiatus, I resumed cataloging patterns.

All of my patterns are based on a single cell:

The Workhorse
The Workhorse

Different arrangements of the cell produce different patterns, unique to each arrangement. There are thousands of these patterns. Even I haven’t looked at all of them.

So, I’ve been drawing patterns, just to see what they look like. And a fair number of them look like birds.

I mentioned collecting these patterns in book. Now, I’m thinking about creating quilts of these birds to use as illustrations. I’ll try to make them all (until I’m tired of ’em).

I will make two changes, though . . .

First, the quilts will be paper-pieced miniatures, using a 3-inch patch. I will probably leave the paper in place and back the piece with fleece. There are a lot of these patterns to work through. I want to tear through a lot of them. “Smaller is faster” is what I’m thinking.

Second, the quilts will be matted, suitable for framing. I hate binding quilts, and what better way to do away with it?? The pieces will be about 24 inches square.

They’re art!!  Hang ’em on the wall!!

What do YOU think about the idea?? Would you care to join in?? Leave me a comment, lemme know.

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