“Sew nothing new . . .”

I took inventory a couple days ago.

I have sixteen completed quilts, ready for photography and posting on the site . . .

I have four quilts to bind, photograph, and post . . .

I have several pieces that just require further work . . .

I have twelve quilt tops to quilt . . .

Now, where did the UFOs come from?? Obviously, in my haste to make my next quilt, I set aside my current one.

Needless to say, I won’t be working on anything new in a manner of speaking. My new motto is, “Sew nothing new until you’ve sewn everything old.”

While sorting through the projects, I found a small hand-basted quilt sandwich that screamed, “Quilt me!!  Quilt me NOW!” and I walked directly to the sewing machine and started quilting.


I think I made this about ten years ago, using a patch that’s unfamiliar to me. I used 6-7 teal fabrics to make the entire surface background for a fish-shaped tessellation. I began quilting the fish with several different threads, but abandoned the project.

There’s still a perfectly good pattern in the background though. I decided to quilt along all the seams with a wide decorative stitch to draw attention to the pattern. I may have to come back to this pattern and play with the shapes.

1 thought on ““Sew nothing new . . .”

  1. I love this! It could be called “Frozen” or “Ice” or “The Deep Blue Sea” or “Pacific Blue” or “Caribbean” or some such. Ooo, I just love it! I hope you finish it soon! lol

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