More tessellations than you can shake a stick at!

I have the world’s largest library of tessellations generated from a single tile.

I have never seen it . . .

Theoretically, my workhorse can generate 4,096 tessellations.

Yet, every time I start to draw them, I get distracted and move on to something else.

And when I start over, I start at the beginning.

This past weekend, I started drawing tessellations again. I’ve gotten further than ever before. I’ve drawn nearly 150 tessellations, and the number is growing.

Now I understand what distracted me before. The tessellations did it. Every now and then, I find myself staring at one, thinking, “Now, THIS would make a great quilt!”

I must stay focused and keep drawing. I must self-publish 50-page coloring books.

In this case, “Back to the drawing board” means I’m making progress.

See You Later . . .

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