Have you ever made a crappy quilt??

I have . . .

Sure, it sounded like a good idea at the time, and it looked good on paper, but the end result was less-than-stellar.

What do you do with a crappy quilt??

Aside from donating it to a local homeless shelter, hiding it in a closet, or burning it (to destroy ALL evidence), there’s one thing you should do with a crappy quilt (and even a not-so-crappy quilt).

Learn from it . . .

Take a good, hard look at that piece of crap, and ask yourself what’s wrong with it.

Was it poor construction technique??  Poor color choices??  Wrong size??

No matter . . . Each quilt holds a lesson to be learned and a goal to aspire to!!

(What??  You gonna let a crappy quilt ruin your day and make you quit?? What sort of quilter ARE you??)

Personally, I’m pleased as punch to make a crappy quilt!! ‘Cause just wait until you see the NEXT one!!

2 thoughts on “Have you ever made a crappy quilt??

  1. I’ve made several crappy quilt tops. I usually put them in my storage bin and every now and then take them out look at them and put them back. I find that after a few months/years when I revisit them, I’ll unsew some of the blocks to reuse the parts in other quilts; make place mats; & aprons.

    1. Ah, so you “re-purpose” them, Rhonda?? I hadn’t thought of that . . .

      Good idea!!

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