Time to quilt . . .

Yesterday, I completed Philip’s quilt top. For the curious, this is what the back looks like.

Back of quilt top
Back of quilt top

Yes, I press the seams open; I want the top to lay as flat as possible. The back has its own pattern and looks nearly as colorful as the front.

Here’s the front of the quilt:

Philip's completed quilt top
Philip’s completed quilt top

The quilt is for a full-size bed (54″ x 75″ mattress). The quilt measures 68″ x 91″, large enough for a 7″ drop along the sides and a 8″ drop on the ends. There are 192 individual squares in the top, twelve columns times sixteen rows.  Because the pattern is symmetric, I could only use an even number of columns and rows. Had I used fourteen columns times eighteen rows, there would have been 252 individual squares, and the top would approach queen-size.

I bought purple flannel for the backing. I sewed two lengths along their selvage edges and pressed the seam open. Then, I spread the backing on my worktable, seam side up.

I spread the quilt top on top of the flannel, smoothing it out. I put no batting between the two layers because the top consists of a layer of muslin foundation and the fabric sewn to it. The flannel backing provides warmth and a slight pile without adding weight, as batting would. The three layers of fabric are warm, and they breathe, allowing some body heat to escape. Otherwise, you’d cook (in the morning, stick a fork in you; you’re done).

I safety-pinned everything in place; it took about three hundred safety pins: one in the center of each square and one at the four corners.

I quilt using white thread and a long stitch length, marking as I go. I mark the quilt in a simple grid pattern using an acrylic ruler and a table knife. Once I’ve positioned the rule, I run the dull edge of the knife along it. The knife leaves a shiny crease that I use as my stitching line.

I’ll be at this for a little while . . . later, sweet ‘taters!!

5 thoughts on “Time to quilt . . .

    1. I’m glad you approve, Philip . . . just wait until you see it on your bed!! Now, back to the studio with me . . .

  1. ohhhh I am in a state of ethereal joy, over your handsome artistry. Than you so very, very much. A lovely & soon to be loved work of art.

    Thank you again!
    hugs,Philip Santiago/NYC

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