Quilting done . . . time to bind.

This weekend, I finally finished quilting Norma’s quilt . . .

It turned out better than I expected, and completely different than planned.

Originally, I planned on a simple diagonal cross-hatch across the face of the quilt. Because the top was not square and flat, I needed a way to ease in a little fullness (and sometime a lot!!) as I quilted.

My friend Tom suggested quilting in the ditch, which I hadn’t even considered because there were a LOT of seams to stitch over. I embraced his suggestion, and it turned out to be the best possible solution for easing in fullness on a seam-by-seam basis.

I stitched along ALL the seam lines, even the seams joining short sections together. It was my way of leaving as small a footprint as possible on this quilt.

Here’s how I prepared to attach the binding.

First, I stitched along all the seams of the border sections.

Stitching down border seams
Stitching down border seams

Then, I zig-zagged along the edges.

Zig-zag along the edges
Zig-zag along the edges

I trimmed the excess backing and batting close to the edges, and zig-zagged along the edges a second time.

Here’s what the quilt looks like (though the lighting doesn’t do it justice).

Norma's quilt quilted
Norma’s quilt quilted

This evening, after work, I’m buying satin for the binding. I’m leaning toward gold, since gold is a predominant color, but we’ll see.

How do YOU like it??  Please leave a comment, thank you.



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