Philip’s quilt top . . . 71% complete

Today, I sewed the first round of framing squares around the quilt top.

First round of framing squares
First round of framing squares

When I was buying fabric, I came up with some “medium” purples:  too light to be considered “dark” and too dark to be considered “light.”  I went ahead and used one as a dark fabric (third pinwheel from the right, middle of the column).

The rest of the medium fabric I used along the outer edges. Look at the light pinwheels: one half is a little darker than the other half.

I also bought some deep purple, darker than the purple I’ve used so far. (Deep Purple?? Raise your hand if you remember Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water.”  Go on, this is the internet; nobody can see if you raise your hand or not.)

Now, I need to sew the final forty-eight squares to finish the quilt top.  I’ll primarily use deep purples until I run out of fabric, then I’ll revert to previously used purples (dark and light).

2 thoughts on “Philip’s quilt top . . . 71% complete

  1. Now that you point it out and I looked closer, there is a pattern that isn’t totally random. But it doesn’t change the awesomeness of the quilt pattern. Keep up the great work, and good luck with the final forty-eight squares. Make them as random as you can too!

    1. Thank you, Peter . . .

      The final forty-eight squares will be different from the rest. They’ll be deep purple (imitating the pinwheel arms), and green (completing the 4-pointed stars). It’ll be the closest thing to a border, minus straight lines.

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