Philip’s Quilt . . . status update

Last Monday, I bought (most of) the fabric I’d be using in this quilt. I have four different yellow fabrics, five different green fabrics, five different light violet fabrics, and seven different dark violet fabrics.

This pattern is one of contrasts.

Philip's proposed quilt
Philip’s proposed quilt

The largest shape, the pinwheel, alternates between light and dark violet, rotating around a small yellow square, with green 4-pointed stars in between the pinwheels.

For the body of the quilt, I have to color the squares two different ways:  dark violet with light, and light violet with dark, as shown below.

Colorways for body of quilt
Colorways for body of quilt

When I’ve made this quilt in the past, I’ve taken pains to ensure all the pinwheels were made of only one fabric apiece, only to realize you don’t see that distinction from a distance.

This time, I’m treating all the light violet fabrics as “Light,” and all the dark violet fabrics as “Dark,” using them interchangeably.  Same with the green and yellow fabrics.  In my mind’s eye, I see this as a “scrappy” quilt while maintaining the light/dark contrast.  Below, I’ve laid out a couple dozen squares to get a feel for what the quilt will look like.

Laying out squares as an experiment
Laying out squares as an experiment

Tell me . . . what do you think of this idea? Do you like it?

Last week, I sewed a total of one hundred eight squares, out of a total of two hundred fifty-two. I’ve completed about 40 percent of what I need.

Now, I need to stamp more muslin foundations.

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