Celtic Knot Baby Quilt

When our family gathered on Thanksgiving, I took some of my Celtic Knot quilts to show my brother who had never seen them.

He handed one of the smaller pieces to his granddaughter, who politely said, “Thank You!” and marched off with it. (Getting it back from her was not pretty.)

"Tri-Color Knot," 16 inches by 16 inches
“Tri-Color Knot,” 16 inches by 16 inches

My brother asked me to make a Celtic knot baby quilt for her for Christmas.

I went around and around, working on different knots comprised of three strands. The knots I came up with involved hundreds of pieces . . . too many pieces for a mere baby quilt.

Then, I had an idea: rather than fool with a lot of little pieces, why not make the pieces bigger and deal with just a few pieces.

This reminded me of a piece I’d made over a year ago:

A Matter of Scale, 39.5" x 57"
A Matter of Scale, 39.5″ x 57″

The beauty of my technique of “large-scale” Celtic knots is that I’m not constrained to use a narrow strip of bias tape. The knot is viewed as a series of shapes that I can enlarge or reduce as need be (like now).

I came up with a much simpler knot that works in three colors:

3 by 6 knot
3 by 6 knot

This morning, I traced and fused the majority of the shapes to red and blue fabrics. I’ll spend some time today cutting out the shapes. I’ll trace and fuse the shapes for the third color later today.

4 thoughts on “Celtic Knot Baby Quilt

  1. well, buzzzzzy beaver! You are at it again! Yes, at times, downsizing is the way to go! And not always a bad thing…just a new way of looking through the looking glass into the WonderLand of Quilting magic! It will be a lovely creation when done.

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