Birds of a Feather (the necktie quilt)

Here’s a drawing of my next project, a small quilt I call “Birds of a Feather” for obvious reasons.

Birds of a feather
Birds of a feather

This pattern is a tessellation, a single shape that fits with itself to cover a surface without gaps or overlaps.  The red and tan “birds” alternate on a dark/light blue background.

If you rotate the piece upside down, the dark/light blue shapes turn into birds on a red and tan background! I may have to attach a hanging sleeve on both ends to take advantage of that!

I’m looking forward to working on this piece. I will make it entirely of silk neckties formerly worn by The Very Reverend Michael P.G.G. Randolph (deceased), an Episcopal priest I knew and loved.

So far, I’ve cut open and gutted the ties, and now I’m attaching a sheer fusible interfacing for stability (photos to follow).

Stay tuned . . .

6 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather (the necktie quilt)

  1. I absolutely adore this idea. My dad died in 1998 and I still have his beautiful silk ties hanging in my closet. My dad could never tie his ties properly. This was a particularly perplexing facet of his personality as he was an architect and very detailed-oriented. He would buy the ties and send them to me. I would then tie them and send them back to him. The folks at his dry cleaners had strict instructions never to untie them when they were brought in for cleaning. This continues to be my favorite Leonard Goodlow story.

    1. Thanks, Shug!! That’s a great story!! Please lemme know if I can do something with those ties for you (those ties should “come out of the closet”).

    1. Thank you, Peter!! The actual colors will reflect the ties I have on hand, in this case, patterned red and patterned blue ties. I may throw in some patterned earth tones too. I haven’t decided whether to use striped ties or not.

  2. Hi, love your site! How do you work with the tessellations and fabric? It seems there should be someway to cut/stack the fabrics so you end up with the required pieces without templates, but I’m not sure. Love to see a guy quilting! My husband quilts too, but he mostly just does what I say (keep sewing!!) … he doesn’t design like you!

    1. Thank you, Janet!!

      The tessellations are a by-product of the various arrangements of my basic unit; I expect to find them, but many times their shape is a complete surprise!!

      The shapes within the basic unit are anything but typical (except for the half-square triangles), so templates really do help. I DO stack strips of fabric before laying the template on top (I rotary-cut them), to reduce the cutting time somewhat.

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