After all the prep work, the sewing can begin . . .

Here is my 30-page, 3-hour template for this project, laying on top of the background fabric. I can’t believe I would have offered this as a template for home use. Taping together a large template like this is actually more trouble than it’s worth!!

Circular Celtic knot template
Circular Celtic knot template

Here’s a shot of the background fabric, after I traced the stitching lines. Unfortunately, only the white lines register on my camera.

Traced stitching lines
Traced stitching lines

I’m psyched and anxious to see what does with my test design. If I can eliminate template-making and tracing from my life, it would be well worth the money!!

This evening, after work, I bought the fabric I’ll use: an orange batik with a circular motif; a mottled green batik; and, a subtle white-on-white barbed wire stripe.  When they come out of the dryer, I’ll begin pinning them in place.

5 thoughts on “After all the prep work, the sewing can begin . . .

    1. Thank you, Peter!!

      I’ll be posting photos as I progress (if I remember to stop and take photos)!! I’m looking forward to this project!!

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