Why no color?

You may well wonder why my drawings are predominately shaded in black, white, and gray. I don’t use color (except rarely) for one simple reason: Color Is Subjective.

Everyone has their favorite color (mine is blue) . . . everyone has a color they despise.  I once read an online book review where the reviewer confessed to repeatedly passing up the very book she was reviewing because of the color of the quilt block on the cover. She obviously never heard of “not judging a book by its cover.”

Similarly, I would rather you NOT like the patterns and tessellations presented here because you simply don’t like the shapes rather than because I colored them in your least favorite color. Why else give you the opportunity to “pull out your colors of choice”?

Soon, I will present my thoughts on color theory . . . you may use them (or not).

For now, I will tell you why I sometimes use blue in the drawings:

  1. Sometimes I need additional colors because shading the empty spaces in black, white, or gray will result in two adjacent shapes sharing the same color (more about that in a later post).
  2. Blue is handy on the color palette I’m using in Electric Quilt.
  3. Um, er, didn’t I already tell you that blue is my favorite color? (even I am subject to not being objective . . .)

2 thoughts on “Why no color?

  1. Raymond,

    One of the reasons I keep looking at your designs is the lack of colour, especially blue! Colour gets the credit, but contrast does the work … I can’t remember who said it, but they were right!

    Judy B

    1. Thank you, Judy . . .

      I try to keep the color to a minimum, until I really need it!! There’ll be more color to come!!

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