Who are quilters (and who are not)??

The operations of symmetry are a big thing to me.

The operations of symmetry lead to symmetry groups, the foundation for patterns spanning different times, and cultures.

The symmetry groups have been codified by crystallographers, chemists, and mathematicians.

They are not necessarily quilters . . .

Over a week ago, I mentioned two new symmetry groups I discovered. I’ve been advised to keep a low profile about it, mainly because I’m not a mathematician (and have no credibility with them).

Guess what?? I don’t care!! I’m not looking to gain credibility with mathematicians, chemists, and crystallographers.

They are not necessarily quilters . . .

I am going to show you what I discovered, but first, I am going to show you what I already know so you can draw your own conclusions (and patterns). I am starting a new series of posts, recapping the symmetry groups I mainly use. I will show different 4-tile blocks and the patterns they generate.

I would love to hear from you about these patterns and tessellations. Please take a moment to leave a comment, or contact me at rkh@tessellationnation.com.

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