What are you looking for?? What are you looking at??

As author of this blog, I have access to site statistics, the numbers behind the blog, and they tell an interesting story.

I want to share some with you.

Search Engine Terms

On a daily basis, I get a list of terms people plugged into search engines in order to find me. Thirty percent of all search engine terms used some form of “tessellation nation.” It does my heart good knowing that you think enough to ask for me by name; what branding!! Twenty-five percent of the search engine terms looked for “tessellation patterns.” Fifteen percent want “blank patterns” and “patterns to color.” After that comes requests for “tessellation quilts,” “symmetry” (linear, planar, and individual symmetry groups), tessellations with a specific number of shapes (1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-shape tessellations), and black and white tessellations.

I sometimes get search engine terms that make me wonder, “Huh??” but I didn’t write them down at the time, and they didn’t show up on the list today.  Even search engines make mistakes, I guess.

Top Posts and Pages

The content on this blog is of two types: the static pages, and the fluid posts. By far, the most viewed page is the one you’re currently looking at, the Home page (nearly 1800 views in just three months).

After the Home page come the static pages, those in the menu bar above. This is where information about me, the tile, the symmetries, etc. resides. Hopefully, it all makes sense; in time, I’ll reread and rewrite much of this material.

I call the posts “fluid,” though they’re not: they’re right where I left ’em (unless I get a wild hair and delete ’em). Again, there are two types of posts: text or graphics (and sometimes both). The text posts tend to be viewed more than the graphics, though the blog is basically graphic in nature. Why is that?

Is what you’re looking at what you’re looking for??

Thank you for reading my blog. Please take a moment to leave me a comment.

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