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There’s one aspect of blogging that has always bugged me: reverse chronological order.

Who thought of THAT?

Reading the newest piece of writing first is fine if what I write today bears little relation to what I wrote yesterday, but what if I wanna write a story?

If I write Chapter One today, and Chapter Two tomorrow, and Chapter Three the day after that, how much sense would the story make if you read it all backwards?

On the other hand, if I write the last chapter today, and the chapter before that tomorrow, and the chapter before that the day after . . . well, you could read the story sequentially from whatever day you began reading–unless you read the last chapter first. It would be a very short read.

I may have found the answer to the problem . . .

My friend Wayne Kollinger asked me to participate in a “Why I Design Quilts” initiative, where he asked a number of quilt designers “WHY??” Here is the link to my first blog post, “Why do I design quilts?” Click on it to read my story “from the beginning.”

When you’re done reading (don’t worry, the post is only two paragraphs long), there’s a link to my NEXT blog post, “It all begins with the tile . . .” just below the header picture. and on every post thereafter.

So, what are you waiting for?

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