Male Quilters

On May 1, 2009 (on a different blog), I started a list of male quilters with an online presence (either website or blog).

As time went on, the list was buried deeper and deeper in the archives.

I figure the list deserves a dedicated page.

So far, my list includes:

  1. Aart — Aart’s Paradise
  2. Shaun Abels — Slabels on Instagram
  3. Bob Adams — Bob Adams
  4. John Q. Adams — Quilt Dad
  5. Rob Appell — Rob Appell Designs — Rob Appell Blog
  6. Thom Atkins — Quilts & Tapestries
  7. Jean Pierre Avonts-Saint Lager — Les Tableaux Textiles
  8. Nicholas Ball — Quilts From The Attic
  9. Gene Black — Gene Black
  10. Tristan Robin Blakeman — Tristan Robin Blakeman Artist
  11. Dylan Blaustein — waldobluestone on Instagram
  12. Edward Bostick — Edward Bostick African American Quilts
  13. Jan Briggs — Quilting Among the Groves
  14. Kevin Britton — Journey of a QuiltGuy
  15. Bruce — Confessions of a Male Quiltaholic
  16. Andy Brunhammer — Quilts SB
  17. Greg Bryson — Flat Out Quilting
  18. Paul Burega — Dying 2 Quilt
  19. Michael Caputo — Patchwork & Paper
  20. Richard Caro —Deus Ex (Sewing) Machina — A Quiltversation
  21. John Cary — Quilt Dad
  22. Vernon Chee — Vernon’s Gallery on Shutterfly
  23. Adam Chenevert — Real Men Quilt
  24. Greg Climer — Greg Climer
  25. Michael A. Cummings — Michael A. Cummings, Artist & Quilter
  26. Joe Cunningham — Joe the Quilter, AKA Joe Cunningham
  27. Ben Darby — Huntspatch Quilts
  28. Mark A. Darrell — The Quilting Marine
  29. Ken Ellis — Featured Artist
  30. Dusty Farrell — Country Stitchin
  31. Kaffe Fassett — Kaffe Fassett Studio
  32. Michael Field — Fly Bobbin Fly
  33. John Flynn — Flynn Quilt Frame Company
  34. Jim Gatling — Jim Gatling’s Crazy Creative Life
  35. Leslie Gabrielse — Leslie Gabrielse, Fiber Artist
  36. Bob Geigle — Ideas for Craft Projects
  37. Rodney Gile — Nine Safe Stitches
  38. Giucy Giuce — Giucy Giuce on Instagram
  39. Sandy Greenberg — Curly Boy
  40. Scott Griffin — Kept In Stitches
  41. Tom H — Quilting and Carving
  42. Brian Haggard — The Creative World of Brian Haggard
  43. Paul Hallinger — Quilting Adventures of Evildemondevildog
  44. Michael Handley — State of the Craft
  45. Scott Hansen — Blue Nickel Studios
  46. Tim Harding — Tim Harding Studio
  47. Jim Hay — Jim Hay
  48. Luke Haynes — Luke Haynes
  49. Joshua Helms — Molli Sparkles
  50. Simon Henry — Simon Henry Needle Craft
  51. Carl Hentsch — 3 Dog Design Co
  52. Henry Holmes — Henry’s Arts
  53. Raymond K. Houston — Nacho Grandma’s Quilts
  54. Dave Hudson — Diff’rent Strokes
  55. Michael James — Michael James Studio Quilts
  56. Curt Jensen — Sparky Designs
  57. Jack Jeppson — Real Men Quilt — Blog
  58. Chris Jones — A Dandy Man
  59. Phil D. Jones — Phil D. Jones, Mixed Media – Fiber
  60. Tom Jordan — Heavenleigh Blessings
  61. Andrew Joslyn — Momotaro Makes
  62. Mike Kelley — Mike Kelley’s Rainbows
  63. Thomas Knauer — Thomas Knauer Sews
  64. Wayne Kollinger — Tuxedo Park Design
  65. Kevin Kosbab — Feed Dog
  66. John M. Kubiniec — Big Rig Quilting
  67. Eddie Landreth — The Arkansas Man Quilter
  68. Peter Lappin — Male Pattern Boldness
  69. Richard Larson — Quilting Design Studio
  70. Tim Latimer — Quilts etc.
  71. John Lefelhocz — Juxtapassion
  72. Doug Leko — Antler Quilt Design
  73. Don Linn — Mr. Quilt’s World
  74. Mark Lipinski — Pickle Road Studios
  75. Patrick Lose — Patrick Lose
  76. Ray Lusk — Star Valley Stitching
  77. Jay Martin — You Quilt?
  78. Michael Aaron McAllister — Michael Aaron McAllister
  79. Jimmy McBride — Jimmy McBride
  80. Rick McGuire — Rick McGuire, Quilt Nerd
  81. Mike “Mac” McNamara — Mike McNamara
  82. Jim Mikula — Artwork by Jim Mikula
  83. Patrick Miller — Straight Stitching Singer
  84. Roy Mitchell, Jr. — WatermelunMan
  85. Frederick Nunley — Orange Explains it All
  86. Alexander O’Kane — Original Alexander
  87. Dan Olfe — Digital Art Quilts by Dan Olfe
  88. Frank Palmer — Full Frontal Quilts and Dyeworks
  89. Basil Papanastassiou — BasilQuilts
  90. Mike Pearson — The Amateur Quilter
  91. Paul Perger — Outnumbered Quilter
  92. Gerard Quak — Gerards Handwerken
  93. Shawn Quinlan — Quiltman
  94. Gert van Raalten — Real Men Stitch and Sew 
  95. Adam Ratley — Midwest Quilt Company
  96. Andreas Rosales —Mad Tesla
  97. Daniel Rouse — Piece and Press
  98. Gerald Roy — Pilgrim/Roy Antiques and Interiors
  99. Tom Russell — Tom Russell Quilts
  100. Russ Sadler — The Tilted Quilter
  101. Paul Schutte — Paul Schutte Art Quilts
  102. Charlie Scott — Qubee Quilts
  103. Jimmie Scott — Mancave Quilter’s Journey
  104. Bruce Seeds — Quilts.Bruce Seeds
  105. Jonathan Shannon — The Alliance for American Quilts Interview
  106. Mark L. Sherman — Remarkable Quilts
  107. George Siciliano — George Siciliano
  108. John Sims — John Sims Projects (click on “Projects,” then click on “Pi Project”)
  109. David Sirota — Quilt Maven Dave
  110. Jim Smith — Quilts SB
  111. Doug Sobel — Quilt Hero Long Arm Services
  112. Matthew Sparrow — — ManQuilters, an online community for man quilters
  113. Roy Starke — Roy Starke, Master Quilter
  114. Bill Stearman — Word . . . from Willow Garden
  115. Raymond Steeves, Jeff Carr, and Frank Costa  — 3 Dudes Quilting
  116. Joseph Stroman — That Quilting Guy, LLC
  117. Eric Suszynski — Eric The Quilter
  118. David Taylor — David Taylor Quilts
  119. Kevin Thompson — Kevin the Quilter
  120. Ricky Tims — Ricky Tims, Musician & Quilter
  121. Giles Turnbull — Touch And Sew
  122. Ben Venom — Mr. Ben Venom
  123. David Walker — David Walker: Artist and Web Designer
  124. Jamie Wallen — Jamie Wallen Fine Art Quilting — Quilters Apothecary
  125. Ryan Walsh — Ryan Walsh Quilts
  126. Dwayne Wanner — Dwayne F. Wanner, Contemporary Quilter
  127. Jim West — Sew Many Places — Scrap Map — Quiltposium
  128. Lane Wilhite —That Man Quilts?
  129. Ricky Wilks — Codman Square Creations
  130. Kent Williams — Kent Williams – Art Quilts
  131. J. Bruce Wilcox — J. Bruce Wilcox
  132. Erick Wolfmeyer — E. Wolfmeyer Quilts

Do YOU know someone I’ve missed??

69 thoughts on “Male Quilters

  1. oh my goodness i’ll have to save this list and work my way thru it to see theses artists. Theres probably only 1 male quilter in NZ…. and that’s giving him the benefit of the doubt as i’ve never heard of even 1 … but there must be at least 1 .. surely???
    So keep up the good work of promoting them.

  2. Hello Raymond, thanks for the list of male quilters out there. I’ve followed your work for awhile 🙂 Thankfully, there have been so many males share within the creative process in a such unique ways to further promote the beauty of quilting! Feel free to add my blog to your list.

    1. Yes, I know these guys . . . but, the list IS limited to male quilters with an online presence (website or blog).

      There are many more male quilters out there than imagined (or listed) . . .

  3. Andy Brunhammer and I, Jim Smith have been quilting since about 2009. Our blog, Quilts SB includes an almost regular journal and a portfolio of the quilts and wall hangings we have done and are currently in process. Jim.

  4. Thanks for the list! I was beginning to think that I was the only male quilter out there. Every quilting group I’m a part of on facebook, is mostly females. Not that I mind, just nice to know guys quilt too!

  5. Hi Raymond! Can you add me to this list as well? Also, I’ve rounded up some male quilters for a quilt bee starting in January and we need at least one more member! Know of anyone on your list that might be interested?

    1. Hey, Molli!! Welcome aboard!!

      Is your quilt bee physical or virtual?? (I might be interested . . .) Do any of the male quilters on your list qualify to be on mine??

    1. Thanks!!

      I checked out the page (and joined) . . . some of the faces are familiar to me, and others are new. I look forward to interacting with the group.

  6. Great list! It’s good to see there are so many of us out there. My partner, Scott Griffin, and I have been quilting together for almost 8 years now (it doubles the fabric stash!) I’m a graphic designer and I’m trying to get his online presence started. We would be honored to be added to your list.

    You can find him at

    1. Thank you, Annibee!!

      Mark Lipinski is #67 on the list, and I’ve just added Kaffe Fassett. How could I have missed him??

  7. Hi,

    Just stumbled onto this page with your list of guy quilters. Would love to be added to it! From NYC but now living in London, have been quilting for nearly 8-9 years now. Was the former president of the London Modern Quilt Guild and a current member of the Modern Quilt Guild.


  8. Would the 3 Dudes Quilting qualify for your list? Love your list and will check them out. I recognize a few names there. Keep up the great work. Men need to be promoted too! Men in the military know how to sew. (I’d like someone say to a marine that sewing is not manly! HA)

    1. I’ll certainly add them once I figure out how to list them!! They’re the first trio of guys I’ve come across.

  9. I began teaching a 12 year old Latino quilting a couple of years ago, and it was suggested to me recently that I should begin emphasizing male quilters’ works to him. Your list will come in handy! How about adding Jack Edson?

    1. Thank you!

      I know of Jack Edson’s work, but have not found a website for him . . . This list is for male quilters with an online presence (website, blog, podcast, etc.). (How else could you contact them??)

  10. I am excited to see this list. I have known a few male quilters in the past and they have been very inspiring. Both of these men have passed on.
    I did not see Micheal James name listed in the list. I have had the privilege of taking classes from him at the University. He too is inspiring, and he pushes you out of your comfort zone.
    Here is his website addy:

    1. Thank you very much!!
      I will add Michael James to the list . . . I’m not sure he had a website when I started the list.

  11. I started quilting about 2 years ago. In addition to hand-guided longarm quilting, I also piece, design and repair machines. I’ve designed several unique blocks and pieced and quilted about 10 or so of my own projects, as well as a bit over 350 quilts for customers.
    I’m retired Air Force, so appreciate QOV and have done about 5 of them. We do QOV for free.

  12. I would like to add my husband to the list: David Charity ( He has been in the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum male only exhibit twice so far and does cartoon as well as human condition quilts.

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