ARLS: Seeing the Unseen

All Roads Lead Somewhere (ARLS) is a series of 19 appliqué blocks that work well together. Too well, some might say.

I combined the first block with the other 18 blocks to see what the patterns looked like. It took a little time (and about 125 pages). There’s a little problem with Time/Space: I don’t have the Time to do the rest, and you don’t have the Space for a book that’s approximately 2,250 pages long.

How to get around it?

Here’s a low-tech hack that’s literally “cut and paste.” Make copies of the blocks to combine.

Use one set of copies as base; cut the other into horizontal rows and vertical columns. Label the strips.

Glue the columns and rows to the base, alternating with the base columns and rows. Slice the base and weave the two patterns together.

The patterns also combine with themselves. There’s no rule that states the rows and columns must be right side up; there’s no rule that states the rows and columns can’t switch.

This is too much fun!

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