Adult Coloring Book Giveaway!

Four months ago, I discovered Hextic knots.  “Hextic” is a word coined by a friend that combines “hexagonal” and “Celtic.”

I use MS WordArt to deform Celtic knot into hexagons, concave and convex.

I would like to share these designs with you.

Hextic Knot Coloring/Activity Book, Series A is a free .pdf file to download. Your computer will require Adobe Reader to open it.

Prepare for a surprise.

There are nine different knots in two different shapes: hexagon, and hourglass. Eighteen knots total.

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17 thoughts on “Adult Coloring Book Giveaway!

  1. I like coloring books for grown ups a lot. Have a little collection lol. That’s teaching how colors work together, make me a better quilter lol
    Greetings Gunda

    1. There’s nothing to win, Shelby. Just click on the “Series A” link above to download your copy.

  2. I was thinking of you just this past weekend when I saw someone take a line drawing and distort it, then multiplied it to create a “repeating pattern”. I thought it would be cool to some Celtic knots and of course, every time I think of Celtic knots I think of you!

    I have also seen this craze of “Adult Coloring” and have thought about giving it a try to help break up monotonous study sessions… Study, Color, Study, Color… I am going to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. This book is available on this page only. It is not published anywhere else. Just click on the “Series A” link above to download your copy.

  3. Thank you Raymond for being so generous. I just love Celtic quilts and never have done one yet but so enjoy your postings.


  4. Thank you. I enjoy the symmetry & balance of geometric patterns but this is a pleasant refreshing change of pace from mandelas.

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