When Celtic Knots Collide

When Celtic knots collide…

Here are two Celtic knots. They have two paths each.

5x5 knot A
5×5 knot A
5x5 knot B
5×5 knot B

I wondered what would happen if they intersected each other.

I think they would look like this:

5x5 knots A&B, intersected
5×5 knots A&B, intersected

When Celtic knots intersect, Celtic knots interact.

The new knot has four paths.

One path encompasses the outline of both knots.

Path One
Path One

One path completes the lower right knot.

Path Two
Path Two

One path completes the upper left knot.

Path Three
Path Three

One path links Paths Two and Three together.

Path Four
Path Four

Here’s what they look like layered, but unwoven.

Layered, but unwoven
Layered, but unwoven

Here they are, woven.

Woven applique
Woven applique

What do you think of this variation?

5x5 knots A&B, intersected (variation)
5×5 knots A&B, intersected (variation)

7 thoughts on “When Celtic knots collide…

  1. Your imagination is unbelievable. I have copied the previous knots, but haven’t had time to make. Are you sharing the patterns?

    1. Thank you, Sue.

      There will be a LOT of these Celtic knots. I have a set of eight basic knots that I’m working with. I alter the set of knots to generate series of sets of knots. I’m considering offering some (but not all) as free downloads; the rest will only be available as part of the set.

  2. ClanBadge Celtic Fonts.

    Was looking at doing something like this.

    Thank you for such a GREAT example.

    Put ’em both in an SVG file. Can send it to you,
    if you like. Credit inside the file to you and your

    Am also looking to convert to a 3d printable.

    Can send you the STL (standard printable file)
    when I’m done as well.

    Really nice work.


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