Tree of Life, Summer, part two . . .

I’ve completed all the stitching and trimming I’m gonna do . . . What do you think of it??

Tree of Life, Summer
Tree of Life, Summer

My next step is to cover all the raw edges with matching bias tape.  Yes, I’m the one who says, “throw away that silly bias tape” when it comes to Celtic knots. Here, the bias tape will be a design element, an embellishment, and not the knot itself

4 thoughts on “Tree of Life, Summer, part two . . .

  1. That is absolutely beautiful. Reverse applique right? Not sure I could come up with something that intricate myself. I have your tools, the knot I came up with was relatively simple in comparison. I am doing some reverse applique right now, so I am in the groove already, any tips to help me come up with a pattern that is uniquely mine. I want to try this. Thanks Hilda

  2. Beautiful! What I like about you and your work is that you just keep innovating and exploring.

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