This is Nacho Grandma’s Celtic knot . . .

Simple Celtic Knot
Simple Celtic Knot

This is a simple Celtic knot. It shows a simple continuous woven path.

I like the way the path of the knot goes over and under and round and round, right back to the beginning.

Um, er, look again . . .

This Celtic knot is a flat, two-dimensional drawing of an impossible object.

“Impossible?” you ask? I challenge you to recreate the Celtic knot shown, using a closed loop (like a rubber band) WITHOUT cutting and re-joining the ends.

Since the knot is only a drawing, there is no “over.”

There is no “under.”

“There is no spoon.” (A favorite line from The Matrix.)

As well as viewing a Celtic knot as a path, try looking at it as a series of shapes; in this case, four corners, two curves, and one straight bar.

Celtic knot shapes
Celtic knot shapes


Arrange them like the drawing to get this:

Arranged Celtic knot shapes
Arranged Celtic knot shapes

Well, that’s closer . . .

Look at the drawing again . . . What’s missing?

Simple Celtic Knot
Simple Celtic Knot

In the drawing, black lines separate the shapes. My fabric shapes are butted up against each other, with no separation.

What if I add a little space between the shapes ?

Spaced Celtic knot shapes
Spaced Celtic knot shapes

Now, that’s better!

I advocate using spaced shapes to create Celtic knots.

You wanna know the beauty of this method?

These shapes are scaleable . . . make them as large or as small as you want (or can manage).

Just make sure there’s sufficient space separating them.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

9 thoughts on “This is Nacho Grandma’s Celtic knot . . .

  1. well explained. and it makes me want to make celtic knots. I’ll add it to my list of things to do :). Or just wait till you sell yours haha. the shapes could be a stencil as well to use paint or dye.

    1. Thank you, Marg!! (I’ll rummage around to see what’s for sale, lol!!)

      Stencils are a great idea!! People besides quilters would have a use for them!!

    1. Lisa, believe me . . . It really IS as easy as it looks!!

      Have you joined my mailing list for your free DIY Celtic Knots eBook?? C’mon and give it a try!!

    1. Thank you very much!! And, you’re welcome!!

      I’d be willing to bet that it would be pretty obvious if there were two “overs” or two “unders” in a row, lol!!

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