Open-ended Celtic knots, no breaks

This is the first in a series of blog posts exploring simple open-ended Celtic knot bands. “Open-ended” refers to the fact that these knots continues infinitely. One could print and cut out the band, and tape the ends together to make a ring, or a wedding band. A later blog post will introduce breaks in these knots.

Each example will display a line drawing of the knot, and a colored version. The colored version features three basic shapes (corners, curves, and bars) with a bit of space added between them, and the colors illustrate how many strands are in each knot.

“2 by” open-ended knotted band: sixteen curves, eight bars; four colors.

"2 by" open-ended knot
“2 by” open-ended knot

“3 by” open-ended knotted band: twenty-four curves, thirty-six bars; six colors.

"3 by" open-ended knot
“3 by” open-ended knot

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