Not all Celtic knots are created equal . . .

It’s easy enough to color a Celtic knot all one color and call it good, but is that really a good thing?

Some Celtic knots are actually two or more separate strands, interwoven with each other.

Consider this knot:

Green Cross II
Green Cross II

I didn’t take the time to color the original design. I merely assumed it was a single knot. I counted the number of corners, curves, and bars that I would need to complete the project.

It wasn’t until I started laying out the shapes that I realized my mistake. This was not one Celtic knot, but two! (Can you find them?)

Here’s the exact same Celtic knot with the separate strands colored differently:

Two-color Cross
Two-color Cross

Quite different, wouldn’t you say?

I recommend taking the time to trace the path(s) of your Celtic knots. Trace them on a separate piece of paper, if need be.

I believe you should assign separate colors to separate strands of a Celtic knot.

Not only do the colors invite the eye to follow along the paths, but they add visual impact to the piece.

What do you think about this?

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