My Most Popular Post?

After Christmas, I noticed more people were looking at a particular post. And more people . . . and MORE people!

What was it?

It was “Goin’ around in circles,” a post about morphing a Celtic knot band into a circular shape.

Circular Celtic knot
Circular Celtic knot

Methinks people were looking for a circular Celtic knot to use as a Christmas wreath NEXT year. So did I.

Celtic Christmas wreath
Celtic Christmas wreath

So, as a belated Christmas gift, here’s a free, downloadable 20-inch, two-strand circular Celtic knot: 20-inch, Two-strand Circular Celtic Knot.  You will need Adobe Reader to download and print the file; you can get it here.


3 thoughts on “My Most Popular Post?

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  2. liked your circular knots. How do you morph them? Also I am interested in larger knots that look more like a disk than a ring with constant width of the lines. I would like to use a rope to weave the knot. Thanks for any help, pointers or comments.

    1. Thank you, Para.
      I use Daniel Isdell’s Celtic knot font to type the knots, then I use MS WordArt to morph them into circles.

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