“Knotty,” Not “Naughty” . . .

Knotty Celtic Knots dot com is a blog about Celtic knots. I have a Celtic knot font, a typeface that allows me to create Celtic knots by typing on my computer keyboard. The possibilities are endless, and much easier than drawing them by hand. This blog will publish my experiments.

Knotty Celtic Knots dot com is a blog about applique. I create Celtic knot quilts using fusible web to attach knot shapes to a background. The results appear woven, though they are not. This blog will present my method.

Knotty Celtic Knots dot com is a blog about deadlines. I have been invited to mount a quilt show in a local gallery in October. In the next four months, I will create a body of work to display. This blog will chronicle my progress.

This blog will serve three purposes:

  1. It will allow me to explore:  I want to experiment with Celtic knots, from simple to complex, in a variety of ways. I can envision warm/cool and light/dark contrasts, as well as multiple colors for multiple-strand knots.
  2. It will act as a resource:  Celtic knots are traditionally appliqued using bias tape. My method treats Celtic knots as a set of shapes, separated by gaps; the technique is fun and fast. I want to share that with others.
  3. It will hold me accountable:  Now that I’ve stated my intentions to the world, I’d best get my butt in gear, right?  I can’t very well slack off with the whole world watching. This blog will chronicle my progress.

Who am I? I’ll tell you THAT next time . . .

8 thoughts on ““Knotty,” Not “Naughty” . . .

  1. It is very exciting to see something new and fun coming along. I can’t wait to watch the process, and a new art form grow before my eyes …

    1. Thank you very much, Kathleen . . . I feel vulnerable “working out the kinks” with the whole world watching, but I think the results will benefit all concerned.

  2. Have you considered having a die made for the GO! fabric cutter? This would be quicker that hand cutting and I would definitely buy one! I just love the Celtic knots, thank you for the great inspitation!

    1. Now THAT is an inspired comment!!

      I don’t own a GO! fabric cutter, but I’ve thought about it . . . and, I’ve thought about investing in appropriate dies for it. Not only would it be than cutting by hand, but it would be essential for making kits!!

      I’m gonna have to give this some more thought . . .

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