Knot Again!!

Next up is the knot shown below.

Knot Again!!
Knot Again!!

Nice, huh??

This knot uses the same shapes as my previous knots: Corners, Curves, and Straights.

I traced, fused, and cut out the necessary shapes; I fused the shapes to my background; and, I safety-pinned the quilt sandwich together. Then, disaster struck!!

I had used a slightly thicker batting; I had used a backing with a slight sheen; and, I had used normal tension with nylon thread. One (or all) of these factors resulted in drawn-up stitching lines and puckers between lines of stitching. I had no choice but to stop to remove the stitching.

Thank goodness I used a long stitch length!!

8 thoughts on “Knot Again!!

  1. I feel your frustration…I was quilting on the long-arm and had a minky batting. I was using a different bobbin thread and made one pass across the quilt…Advanced the quilt and noticed top thread pulling through on the back. Chit. I figured I’d adjust the tension, finish the quilt, take it off the frame and rip out the one pass. The 2nd pass started out fine I quilted and checked..ok..And then it happened again. SOOO I gots lots of froggin to do. Thank goodness it is a baby quilt. 50×50…YOU are in good company Raymond..Grab a cup of coffee and we will start froggin!! Live and learn.
    Auntie T

    1. Thanks, Auntie . . .

      Thankfully it’s gonna be a very slow day in the office this morning, LOL!! After I finish “frogging,” I’ll remove the safety pins. I’ll get better batting and backing after dinner tonight; hopefully, I’ll be ready to quilt tomorrow evening.

  2. what? no pictures of the disaster? Gosh, if there aren’t any pictures, did the disaster really happen? 🙂

    Under the topic of “Misery Loves Company”, I am always somehow comforted that *other people* have the same sorts of annoying problems that I do. 🙂

    I read your blog through Google Reader, so I don’t know if it shows up as a subscription or not … just wanted to let you know that your blog is enjoyed.

    Happy quilting!

    1. Thank you, Shelley,

      Sorry no “disaster pics” (that’ll cost you extra, lol) . . . but, I WILL post a “in-progress” pic to show that I overcame!!

      I’m glad that you’re enjoying the blog, and I promise to install RSS feeds, email subscriptions, etc. just as soon as possible!!

  3. Well, I am certainly impressed. You got me motivated and I printed out an enlarged version. I suppose 8″x8″, I haven’t measured it, but did cut out the print. How…on to copying onto the fusible and see what happens. So, from my stash – I am thinking of a red cotton with gold “fish scales” – kind of a glittery silk screen process it seems. The fabric looks like asian design. My guess is that gold thread (definitely not metallic thread though) for satin stitching will make it look the best. All one fabric…unless I decide to pull out some gold colored satin and satin stitch that in red. hmmm…tell me what you think. Maybe a scan of the fabric would help. Now that I thinking about it a directional print would mean more time in the planning (layout and cutting on grain, etc.). I don’t know if I care to tackle that much right now, LOL.

    1. Well, I’m glad I got you motivated (but sorry you talked yourself out of it)!!

      Actually, it would be easy to use a print (directional or otherwise) because if you copy the knot onto the fusible and then fuse it to the fabric, the pieces would maintain the print’s original look. Just cut out (and lay out) the pieces, one at a time. If you want to use two fabrics, then trace the knot onto two pieces of fusible and then fuse them to the fabrics; then cut out just the pieces for one of the knots from one fabric and just the pieces of the other knot from the other.

      Take a look at my purple cross on the Portfolio page; I used a batik fabric. I traced the cross full-size on sections of paper-backed fusible web, then fused them to the batik. I was careful cutting out the pieces and laying them in their respective positions, so I maintain the original look of the batik.

      (If you decide to go through with it, I’d love to see your results!!)

    1. Barbara, I can read you, anyway . . . when words “don’t seem quite right” in a sentence, I always look at the keyboard: “H” and “N” are hit with the same finger, so I made the switch in my head.

      Don’t sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff, lol) . . .

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