How-to Create a Celtic Knot . . .

I’ve had people approach me with requests for Celtic knot quilts. I declined the requests because I didn’t “do” Celtic knots.

Well, why knot?

I did a little research and came up with three different methods for creating Celtic knots.

I found plenty of tutorials on the Internet for drawing Celtic knots by hand; some methods were simple, some were not, and all were laborious.

I downloaded a workbook that taught a method of creating Celtic knots by folding and cutting paper, much like cutting out snowflakes. It was easier than drawing knots by hand, but the resulting knots were always symmetrical; there was no option for odd-shaped knots.

I downloaded a Celtic knot font that created Celtic knots simply by typing on my computer keyboard. The Celtic knot font was by far the easiest of the three methods, and is what I use throughout this site. Besides ease of use, the knots were also scalable. I could make them any size I wanted, limited only by the size of paper in my printer. Of course, I could also take a printed knot to my local copy shop to enlarge further, if needed.

What to do with these Celtic knots? I’ll tell you THAT next time . . .

6 thoughts on “How-to Create a Celtic Knot . . .

  1. isn’t it amazing to see where your brain can take you! what a great idea that lead to a creative option that was accessible. enjoying your blog.

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