Goin’ around in circles . . .

I’m enjoying playing with the Celtic Knot Font . . . I’m coming up with some cool knots.

Yesterday, I tried something different . . .

Ever play with MS WordArt? That’s where you can morph text into various shapes (triangles, trapezoids, arc, circles). Well, what if I took a knot like this:

Celtic Knot Band
Celtic Knot Band

and curved it around to make a circle, like this:

Circular celtic knot
Circular celtic knot

If you trace the knot(s) you’ll find there are only two knots here.

(Edited 1-12-2013)

This has become my most-viewed post since Christmas, 2012. Can you see this as a Celtic Christmas wreath?  So did I.  This is what I came up with:

Celtic Christmas wreath
Celtic Christmas wreath

Do you like it?

So, as a Christmas gift to you, here’s a 20-inch, Two-strand Circular Celtic Knot. You will need Adobe Reader to download it; you can download the Reader here.

7 thoughts on “Goin’ around in circles . . .

  1. Wait a minute! I see all three knots in the circle…
    I’ll have to try Word Art myself. I didn’t even know that feature existed in MS Word until Dan Isdell mentioned it.

    1. Yes, Scarlett,

      WordArt merely takes whatever text you give it and twists it into a new shape . . . this is gonna require more playtime!!

    1. Thanks, Ed!!

      Circles are only the beginning (which isn’t quite right since circles have neither beginning nor end)!! I have more ideas in mind for WordArt Celtic knots . . .

  2. Interesting….going to try it. Thanks for sharing Raymond! I’ll keep checking back on your blog too!

    1. You’re very welcome, Cheryle . . . one of my next projects is to setup my RSS feed, so you don’t have to keep checking back: the new blog posts are delivered to you!!

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