Gifts from the mind, the heart, and the hands

I enjoy making gifts for my family and friends.

This past Christmas was no different.

These are photos of the wall hangings I made using my woven applique technique.

00000040 00000041 00000042 00000043 00000044 00000045 00000046 00000047 00000048I’m glad I thought of this technique because it really makes the task that much easier.

I got lots of practice making them, and now I’m looking to make more.

Would you care to join me??

2 thoughts on “Gifts from the mind, the heart, and the hands

  1. Happy New Year Raymond. Love them and I’m sure somewhere down the line I’m your long lost daughter so that makes me family and I’m now sitting at my letterbox …. waiting ….. haha . No I’m not so you can relax :).
    I’d be interested in making them but busy till end of Jan. Are you going to sell it as a class or like a challenge – I’d buy the book!!! 🙂

    1. Happy New Year to you, too, Margherita!! You and I ARE family (even if it doesn’t look that way). I’m glad you like the pieces.

      I’m just getting my feet wet with this one. For now, I’ll continue with the exercises (and work on something more in the wings).

      There’s definitely more to come!!

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