Class sample . . .

In May, I’m scheduled to teach a 3-hour class at a local quilt shop. The class will focus on my large-scale Celtic knots, using the double-applique fusible technique I previously posted about here.

This was my original design:

Proposed class project
Proposed class project

This is as far as I got, timing myself each step of the way, when I realized there was no way the project would be completed in only three hours (THIS took me 3.5 hours):

Partial class sample
Partial class sample

Back to the drawing board . . .

I decided to remove the woven Celtic border and simplify the knot.

I bought new fabric for the background, and started over.

I completed this version in four hours:

Class sample
Class sample

Now, to quilt and bind it . . .

In case you’re wondering why just black and white, well the walls of the quilt shop are saturated in colors, all shouting, “me . . . Me . . . ME!!”

I think some “understated elegance” is in order . . . what do YOU think?? (Leave a comment below.)

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