Circular Celtic knot sketchbook, page six

I use Daniel L. Isdell’s Celtic knot font to design my Celtic knots.

I use MS WordArt to warp them into circles.

I am posting a series of pages showing open-ended Celtic knot sections and the resulting circular Celtic knots.

I will color Celtic knots with multiple cords accordingly. The blank knots consist of a single cord.

The knots shown below come from two knot sections stacked on top of each other.

Page 6
Page 6

Odd-numbered sections result in two intertwined cords; even-numbered sections result in multiple intertwined cords.

1 thought on “Circular Celtic knot sketchbook, page six

  1. Just curious. I’m using Linux. So, I don’t have ready access to MS Word Art.

    I do have access to Libre Office – Font Worker.

    Pretty close to the same results.

    Inkscape and Blender are what I tend to use for my circular pieces.

    SLIGHTLY more involved.

    I tend to use multiple strands. Take it out to from 6 to 12 strands
    depending on the initial length.

    Seems to give a better wraparound.

    Although, it would also add more work, depending on your process
    and desired end result.

    Curious as to why your strands are pulled out to about 3 which hard as
    I try doesn’t seem to look very aesthetic to me.

    Curious as to reason behind your process.

    Wouldn’t more strands work better?

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