Celtic knot Tree of Life, part six . . .

Well, folks, here it is:

Proposed New Tree of Life
Proposed New Tree of Life

You may notice (or not) that I’ve made several changes.

No Woven Border . . .

I removed the woven Celtic border for two reasons:

  1. Originally, I had a chain of twenty-five links to represent twenty-five years of marriage. Β In order to get twenty-five links around THIS design, I would have to use a larger link, and the width would be wider than the strokes in the design. The resulting border overpowered the central design.
  2. A simple circle complements the design nicely.

Not one tree, but two . . .

The finished piece is slated to hang at Gina’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Now, one tree could represent the marriage, but it takes two people to make a marriage as well.

There are two interwoven knots in the design.

I modified the design to make two trees, with two branches each, top and bottom.

Follow the path of a knot from either tree (top or bottom), and the knot ends at the other tree.

Ain’t that just like a marriage??

Gina, if this meets with your approval, I’m ready for the next phase: enlarging the design and transferring it to fabric.

18 thoughts on “Celtic knot Tree of Life, part six . . .

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This is so us. We are Anam Cara (Gaelic for Soul Mates) What would you think of stitching that across the bottom? I can send you an awesome looking script for it.

    1. Um, er, yes, I think it IS!! (What will your husband think??)

      Hell, what will MY husband think?? LOL!!

    1. No, my friend, you’re NOT that old!! I’m glad you’re taking things in stride and having as much fun with this as I am!!

  2. I love this. I liked the design before but this is stunning can’t wait to see the end result PS my name is Gina when you’re ready to send it haha πŸ™‚

    1. Well, Margherita, I mean “Gina,” there’s still a “balance due”!! So, I’ll send it just as soon as I see the color of your money, LOL!!

      Thank you, my friend. I appreciate the compliment.

      1. Hi again – you might be on haha … I’ll look at the end design and if the original Gina doesn’t mind you making another 1 we can talk money colour haha – mind you internet banking is colourless so that kind of ruins the image πŸ™‚

  3. Corner designs had not occurred to me either. I think if the binding is the same color as the fabric it would look good but if the binding is contrasted it might be a little much. Have to think on this one, what do you think Raymond??

    1. Since the open areas of the design are essentially unquilted, I think corner designs would help frame the piece nicely. Thank you, Larry!!

      To make the knots stand out in relief, I thought about densely quilting the open areas with simple cross-hatching (to flatten them).

      I can use the simple woven chain knot I removed from the border of the design. I’ll send you the results.

      1. Look forward to seeing your ideas. I am thinking a nice corner design would be a trip knot with a point facing the corner….

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