Celtic knot Tree of Life, part seven . . .

My friend Larry suggested designs in the corners . . .

My brother John suggested lengthening the design, so it looked more like a tree and less like a shrub (Gina said, “Think Oak” to that).

My friend Marney suggested the Gaelic “Mo Chuisle, Mo Chroi,” which translates as “My Pulse, My Heart.”

My gut suggested adding a copyright disclaimer across the whole thing to discourage “borrowing.” Folks, I’m trying to earn a living, here. Would you deny me an income in favor of your own budget? Gina is paying for this design; you should, too.

Final Tree of Life artwork
Final Tree of Life artwork

I told Gina that I don’t dare add anything else, because I DO wanna finish it in time!!

I’ll have the image enlarged; buy parchment-colored linen; and, hopefully start work on this by the weekend.

7 thoughts on “Celtic knot Tree of Life, part seven . . .

  1. You are the fellow I’ve been looking for!! My sisters and I (hubbies in tow) are traveling this year to our Dads birthplace —–Ireland. This is my forever dream trip and to remember this, I want to applique a celtic tree of life piece as a Christmas gift for my sisters and have been scouting the internet for “the one”. Eureka!, Are you willing to sell a copy of your pattern? I love doing celtic applique (with bias) but not very good with drafting –please let me know your answer
    Many thanks

    1. You’re welcome (and Thank You), Pat.

      There is no pattern for this design (yet). It’s one more thing to add to my “To Do” list!! May I contact you when I DO have a pattern available?? (It won’t use bias tape, though.)

  2. I would be very interesting in buying a copy of this pattern. I am, as usual, a little late to this site! Were you able to developer this into a pattern?
    Are there finished pictures of your creation?
    Cher’s, Ali

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