Celtic knot Tree of Life, part one . . .

Last week, I completed several new pieces: one, a miniature patchwork; and the other, a whole-cloth Celtic knot.

Whole-cloth Triquetra Celtic Knot
Whole-cloth Triquetra Celtic Knot

I posted a pic of the Celtic knot on Facebook, and a friend asked me to take a look at a design she had. The design was a Tree of Life, with the roots of the tree a Celtic knot.

I said, “Nice. Is this a design you’re gonna stitch?”

She said no, she wanted to know how much I’d charge to stitch it for her!

Oh, I hadn’t considered that . . .

So, this is the first in a series of posts showing the creation of a new Celtic knot piece, from design to construction.

Designing from the outside, in . . .

I started with the border because I thought it would be simple.

This piece will hang at the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day, so I wanted twenty-five links in a chain around it.

I could do this one of two ways:  with MS WordArt, or with CorelDraw.

MS WordArt takes text and wraps it into new shapes. This is a simple, sample woven Celtic border, and what it looks like curved into a circle:

MS WordArt Border
MS WordArt Border

I think this border is too thick, and will overshadow the design within.

Here’s the same woven Celtic border typed along a circular path in CorelDraw:

CorelDraw Border
CorelDraw Border

I like this border better . . . Granted, the lines don’t connect, but they are only guidelines for stitching; they don’t HAVE to connect.

Gina??  What do you think??

1 thought on “Celtic knot Tree of Life, part one . . .

  1. Raymond, I love the idea for the symbolism of 25 knots for 25 years. I do agree with you about the choice for the border. I am looking forward to following the progress and will try not to micromanage too much, LOL!
    It would be nice to have some input from your audience regarding the color and fabric choices. I lean toward Olde World Style for this piece and thought old parchment looking fabric with browninsh red thread would work but I am open to other ideas.
    Any suggestions ladies and gentlemen????

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