Celtic knot Tree of Life, part four . . .

Proposed New Tree of Life
Proposed New Tree of Life

What’s this, you ask??

Well, Gina sent me a photograph of a Tree of Life platter she owns. It spoke to her. I hesitated using the Celtic knot because of possible copyright infringement.

Then, I took another look at the knot on the platter . . .

There’s a simple rule regarding Celtic knots: If the path of the knot crosses OVER another path, then the path should cross UNDER the next path it encounters. Over and Under, and Over and Under, and . . .

The path of the knot on Gina’s platter was VERY inconsistent going over and under other paths.

I traced the Celtic knot path, correcting Overs and Unders as I went . . . The result is a NEW Celtic knot, MY new Celtic knot. I propose to use it as both root system and tree branches.

There are actually two interwoven cords in the knot (there’s a free-standing triangular knot). I want to merge that knot into the larger knot before I merge the two halves together.

What do you think of THIS, Gina??

3 thoughts on “Celtic knot Tree of Life, part four . . .

    1. Yes, I’m loving this design too . . . The creation process is always a fun ride!!

      I’m closer to a final drawing, then, we’ll proceed to the next step: transferring the design to fabric!!

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