Celtic knot Ribbons . . .

I was playing with the Celtic knot font, and came up with this:

Celtic knot Ribbons
Celtic knot Ribbons

I think it looks like the ubiquitous Ribbon; two Ribbons, in fact (the second one is upside down).

Celtic knot Ribbons (colored)
Celtic knot Ribbons (colored)

See it now??

I’m expanding my current DIY No-Bias Celtic Knots eBook. The revised edition will include additional Celtic knot sections to create knots like this. Please sign up for my mailing list (in the upper right corner of the page) for information on availability.

2 thoughts on “Celtic knot Ribbons . . .

  1. You need to get with someone or maybe you can do it , lend a hand at making place setting , designs (mats). This black and score rectangular one that’s here on this post, would make a very starting design for a contemporary, etc setting . Jus sayin’

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