Another opening, another show . . .

Today, I took the pieces from my last show to my next venue.  I am participating in “Bulging Packages Under Your Tree,” the 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Show at PHD Gallery.

Philip Hitchcock, the gallery owner liked the Celtic knot work. He asked if I had some smaller pieces to fill a range of prices . . . I said I did not, but I’d try to create a few new pieces before next Saturday.

Next Saturday!!

In four hours this afternoon, I created the following two knots:

Purple and yellow Celtic knot
Purple and yellow Celtic knot

This purple and yellow Celtic knot measures 21″ x 17″.

Green Celtic Cross
Green Celtic Cross

This green Celtic cross measures 26″ x 32″.

For both of these pieces, I fused the shapes directly to pre-quilted fabric, which saves me the trouble. I still need to stitch the shapes around their edges. Then, I’ll attach a hanging sleeve and bind the edges of the quilt.

I hope to have 4-6 smaller pieces done this week before the show opens.

2 thoughts on “Another opening, another show . . .

  1. I love the green celtic knot quilt. What would I have to do to make it a King size quilt for a young couple I know who are getting married? Would I just have to enlarge the template ? And where can I get the template?

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