Anatomy of a Celtic knot . . .

I’ve shown you the basic knot shapes in an earlier post (“How I Applique Celtic Knots”), but I’m gonna take another look at the individual shapes involved.

First, come the corners. I can make a knot just of the corners, though it’s not technically a knot as much as an interwoven pair of ellipses, as shown below.

Corner knot shapes
Corner knot shapes

Next comes the curved shape. Teaming a pair of them with the previous corner shapes  results in an actual knot, a continuous loop with no beginning or end (just trace it with your finger or eyes).

Curved knot shapes
Curved knot shapes

Finally come the bars; they fill out the center of the basic knot seen in the earlier post.

Bar knot shapes
Bar knot shapes

These three shapes: corners, curves, and bars, form the foundation of many of the knots I’ll be working with.

I especially like the two knots of my last piece, “Knot Again!!” and wouldn’t mind trying to expand it in two dimensions as an allover pattern (besides, someone has expressed interest in the design as a bed quilt).

Stay tuned, folks!!

2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Celtic knot . . .

  1. i found this sight so EASY to understand, a lot of time i have problems reading the patterns, but your coloring of the block opened my eyes. thank you.

    1. You’re very welcome, Sandra. A shift of perspective is all it takes to turn any given Celtic knot into a series of simple shapes.

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