A St. Patrick’s Day show . . .

I met the owners of a local frame shop/art gallery in Dogtown, the Irish-American neighborhood in St. Louis. They were impressed (and taken) with my technique and asked if I had any pieces they could display in their shop over St. Patrick’s Day weekend (Dogtown is “Irish Central” come St. Patrick’s Day).

I put together a selection of pieces for display:

St. Patrick's Day Celtic knotsMore St. Patrick's Day Celtic knotsFor these pieces, I wanted to try out different backgrounds.  I did basically the same knot on a black or white background to see which one “popped.”  (Better photographs might help.)

Irish flag circular Celtic knotI took the colors of the Irish flag to make this circular Celtic knot.  Since white is one of the colors of the flag, I chose to use a black background.

None of the pieces sold . . . I was out-of-town for the weekend; I was in Las Vegas.

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