“2 by” Celtic knots, no breaks

This is the first in a series of blog posts exploring simple Celtic knot bands. “2 by” refers to the fact that these knots are two sections wide, and an increasing number of sections long. A later blog post will introduce breaks in these knots.

Each example will display a line drawing of the knot, and a colored version. The colored version features three basic shapes (corners, curves, and bars) with a bit of space added between them, and the colors illustrate how many strands are in each knot.

2 by 2 knotted band: four corners; two colors.

2 by 2 knot
2 by 2 knot

2 by 3 knotted band: four corners, two curves, one bar; one color.

2 by 3 knot
2 by 3 knot

2 by 4 knotted band: four corners, four curves, two bars; two colors.

2 by 4 knot
2 by 4 knot

2 by 5 knotted band: four corners, six curves, three bars; one color.

2 by 5 knot
2 by 5 knot

(Edited to remove extraneous examples)

Did you notice anything about these examples?

When both width and length are even-numbered, they produce two-color knots; the knots are actually two separate strands, woven together.  When one dimension is odd-numbered and the other dimension is even-numbered, they produce one-color knots.

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12 thoughts on ““2 by” Celtic knots, no breaks

  1. I am still waiting to find out how to order your templates. I promised my daughter I would make her a Celtic Knot table runner.Thank You

    1. Hello, Carol,

      I have emailed you twice with information, but you have yet to respond to the emails. Would you please check your spam folder??

  2. Carol, I will email you an invoice via PayPay, then mail your templates once the invoice is paid. I am currently waiting for my next shipment of templates (I’ve sold out my previous shipments); I expect them in a day or two.

    1. Leona, I have just emailed information about the templates to you . . .

      If you don’t readily find it, please check your spam folder.

  3. You are a clever chook, Raymond! I hadn’t thought about the difference between odd and even numbers of sections. It’s obvious now that you’ve pointed it out, so thanks for that. For others that might be thinking of ordering the templates – paying by paypal is easy, and you don’t have to open a paypal account to do it.

    1. “I’m smarter than the average chook!!” (no, wait a minute, that was supposed to be bear . . . do you know of Yogi Bear??)

      I hadn’t thought about the difference between odd- and even-numbered sections either: that only came out once I started coloring-in the knots. There may be surprises ahead of us.

  4. I would like to receive information and pricing for your Celtic knot templates. Please email how to order and how to pay to the above address.



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