Raymond K. Houston
Raymond K. Houston

No, I am not Mexican.

No, I am not your grandma (nor your grandpa neither).

My name is Raymond K. Houston. I am a fifty-something African-American male quilter.

I am largely self-taught in a variety of subjects: sewing, quilting, symmetry, tessellations, fabric dyeing, web design, and Celtic knots, to name a few. These subjects fuel my creativity.

This site, Nacho Grandma’s Quilts, is my online playground where I hang out, play, share, and have fun. Won’t you join me?

I write about the subjects I’m passionate about, so my blog is all over the place. One day, I’ll write about symmetry; the next day, I’ll write about Celtic knots; and who knows what I’ll write about after that.

You may be interested in tessellations, but not Celtic knots. You may wanna follow my latest project, but not my tutorials. You won’t want to wade through ALL the posts just to read about what you’re interested in.

To make things less confusing, I have grouped my posts by category.

You can find these categories under “Blog” at the top of the page and in the sidebar to the right. Click on any category to read all the posts in that category.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, questions (or complaints) at rkh@NachoGrandmasQuilts.com.

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  1. Beautiful, Raymond! I can’t wait to come back to play! Thank you for sharing your talents with everyone.

    1. Thank you, Linda!!

      When you get a moment, “Like” the Facebook page, where you can post photos of your results!!

  2. wow, great video/ photo / flash thing sorry don’t know what to call it. But it’s a great way to showcase your design. I also enjoy your light way of writing and I’m off to read your contact page. YOU HAVE TO COME TO NZ :).

    1. Thank you, Margherita . . . I used a slideshow plugin to get this effect (I used the same thing at the top of The Design Game and the bottom of Genesis of a Cell).

      New Zealand?? All I need is an invite (and airfare, LOL)!!

  3. my throat collasped when I read tessalation nation is dead

    then I read more

    someway I hope I am signed up for all posts when you do post from this site, I really
    appreciate receiving your posts.

    1. I didn’t mean to shock you, Carol . . .

      What this site needs is an email opt-in form. I’ll get around to it (eventually) . . . please hang in there.

  4. I remember you from when you were on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson.
    My art group used with changing each name to a design.

    Also, do you have relatives from Florence, Ala I am on Ancestry

    1. I can’t say that I do have relatives in Alabama . . .

      The family name is spelled “Huston,” but when my dad went into the Air Force, they changed the spelling (and for one of my uncles, too). For years, I wondered why, but then my dad told me the story. He said when he tried to correct them, they said, “The Air Force doesn’t make mistakes!!”

      It’s been “Houston” ever since . . .

  5. I enjoyed seeing your progress on Norma’s quilt, I’m sure she would be pleased. And I’ll bet if Norma had the opportunity, she would have used a machine too. My husband’s Aunt Norma passed away recently, so I love the story, too. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  6. love your Celtic knots, you are an amazing quilter, to be a fifty something year old man, please continue to quilt and share, I’ve only been quilting for about three years now, and I too am fifty something years old. : )

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